You, like so many event planners today, have a sense that you should be using social media as you plan and promote your events. But you've been holding off.

So often when we procrastinate it's because we don't know what to do or where to start.

You are not alone.. As you begin to understand the power of your online social presence, it will become easier to fit a social strategy into your event marketing and communication plans. The term "Social Media" is elusive and often misunderstood. You may have at some point thought, "It's how young people communicate." "I'm not interested in hearing about or seeing what someone had for lunch." "I can't see how it applies to my business." "My clients are not using social media anyway, why should I?"

So what is Social Media anyway? The simple answer is, it's any form of digital communication.  Online communication platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slideshare, You Tube, Pinterest, blogs and podcasts are all tools available for you to interact, post content, and share your message electronically or digitally with your audience.

The truth is, a comprehensive communication strategy for your event should include both traditional marketing avenues and digital communication platforms.

Let's look at the benefits of embracing the use of digital platforms to promote your vent and create ongoing engagement for your audience.


 - Consulting Prior To Event
 - Assistance with Event Social Campaign

 - Support during Event

     - Posting
     - Tweetwall

 - Post Event Support

     - Data Analysis


 - Twitter Chat


“The service has helped us to report to our Board of Directors in a measurable and quantifiable way. This helps them to better understand the success or shortcomings of the campaign without having to know much about social media. It helped to base our report on numbers instead of presenting a report that is based on opinion.”

~Nicky Nash 
@KidsUpFrontCalg  |  @thenickynash